World Prayer Today

Pray for Palestinian Christians

January 17, 2019

Life for Palestinian Christians is downright difficult. Despite the fact that their roots trace back to pre-Islamic times, violence and extremism have forced many to flee their homes.

Yet some courageous believers are choosing to stay and stand for their faith. As one listener tells us,

“Keep praying for us, we feel pressure on all sides. We need to know we aren’t alone. Please, brothers and sisters, we need you. Your programs give a great spiritual benefit to all listeners, including strengthening their faith. God’s Word gives us encouragement and courage to live this life of turmoil.”

Isn’t that beautiful? Are you facing turmoil today, too? Let’s ask God to meet this listener—and all of us—in our areas of greatest need. And let’s ask a special blessing for those in the Palestinian Territories who boldly live for Christ despite the pressure and opposition that surrounds them.

Join us tomorrow for our last stop in the Middle East this week in Algeria.