World Prayer Today

“I need to tell everyone about God’s love …”

January 14, 2019

“From out of nowhere I’ve started sharing about the importance of believing and following Christ in our lives to many people around me.”

That’s what we hear today from an enthusiastic listener of Thru the Bible’s Arabic broadcast in Lebanon. She continues:

“I do not feel fear nor hesitancy, I just feel that I’m so joyful with the Lord that I need to tell everyone about His love! This started since I began to listen daily to your TTB program, which helped me get closer to the heart of God and understand His will in my life and that my purpose on earth is to proclaim His name and His salvation. Please pray that God will use me to change hearts and minds for His glory.”

Isn’t that inspiring? Today let’s honor this request and pray that others will follow in her footsteps. Let’s also pray for the safety of believers in Lebanon. While it is the only remaining country in the Middle East where people are free to change their religion, hostility towards the gospel is increasing.

Join us tomorrow as our prayer journey through the Middle East continues with a stop in Iraq. We’ll meet you there.