World Prayer Today

Praise God that He meets us in our everyday lives

November 22, 2018

Our praise celebration continues here on World Prayer Today with a whole lot of great text messages from Armenia. Praise God for the way He works in our everyday lives.

Enjoy these greetings from your brothers and sisters in Armenia:

  • “Hello, my name is Karine. I am so happy you continue the radio programs. I deeply hope that people in my country will listen to the Word and accept Jesus in their hearts.”
  • “Because of the truth and knowledge I get from you, I have learned to study the Bible and invited Jesus to change my life. I have learned to seek first His kingdom, to manage my time, and not to waste my heart on silly things.”
  • “My name is Artyom. I am a hairdresser and it is so good I have an opportunity to listen to Thru the Bible at my workplace. My clients also listen every day and then we discuss the Word together.”
  • “It has become my habit for me to turn on the radio every morning and listen to the Word. The programs give me inner peace during the whole day.”
  • “I have always been living my life in a hurry, but your words make me stop and ponder. Now I see how empty life is. Without our Lord and His Word we are dead.”
  • “I am praying for your ministry on your World Prayer Team. May our prayers have fruit in my country. I will be happy to learn that at least one person has repented owing to our prayer efforts and Thru the Bible program.”

Can you identify with your brothers and sisters in Armenia? Praise God for His work there today.

Join us tomorrow as the celebration continues right here on World Prayer Today.