World Prayer Today

“More than anything else we need God’s Word.”

November 16, 2018

Thanks for showing up to pray together on World Prayer Today. As our journey through India this week comes to a close, we are privileged to pray for listeners of our Bhili language program in Gujarat—including this woman who shares her story:

“I belong to a Bhili tribe and do masonry alongside my husband. The Lord has blessed us with four children, and by the grace of God we live a happy life. But it wasn’t always this way. We used to worship idols. In those days we faced a lot of struggles and peace eluded us. One day the Bhili producer of your show came to our home and told us about the Lord Jesus Christ and invited us to listen to the programs. I was interested and began to listen.

“Not long after that my husband and I surrendered our lives to Jesus, and we have received the Lord’s peace and blessing in our home. Your programs continue to be a great benefit to our spiritual lives and, at your urging, we have begun attending a church in our neighboring village and were recently baptized. We have begun to host others in our home to listen to your program—about 10 now gather with us. Thank you for providing us with such rich fellowship. Please continue to teach us … more than anything else we need guidance in the Word of God.”

Today let’s praise God for this sister and the many Bhili listeners who have surrendered their lives to Jesus Christ. And let’s pray that wherever God’s truth is broadcasted today, more people will turn from their sin and believe in Him.

Join us next week as our travels continue here on World Prayer Today.