World Prayer Today

“When I listen to you, my soul is delighted”

November 02, 2018

Welcome, World Prayer Team members. Thank you for joining us as we travel on our knees to Swaziland—a country devastated by the HIV/AIDS virus.

With more than 120,000 (10% of the population) orphaned as a result of AIDS, let’s pray for this generation of children to rise up and lead their country to faith in Jesus Christ. And let’s pray for the many grandparents who are stepping in to raise the orphans their own children leave behind. As one young man tells us:

“When I listen to you my soul is delighted. I was spiritually dead. Glory to Jesus Christ who has given me new life. My grandmother has prayed for me and introduced me to your program. Now I am very keen to learn and share it with my friends. God bless you and keep up the good work.”

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