World Prayer Today

A heavenly perspective from Croatia

October 19, 2018

Difficult circumstances help put earthly and eternal issues in proper perspective.

Today our World Prayer Team is praying for the people of Croatia. Economically, Croatia is slowly recovering from the effects of long-term Communism and the scars of the heated, four-year war with Serbia that followed. But in spite of the hardship facing this nation, the few believers in Croatia are trusting God.

Read this wise and joyful note from Marija from Medimurje, Croatia:

“Dear praying friends, may peace of our mutual Savior be with all of you. I pray for growth in all areas and for joy to you and for salvation of your listeners. We thank our dear God who gives us all the strength to endure. That is our prayer because we know you sacrifice a lot, but sacrifice and love go together. Listening to your program from 9:30 to 10:30 p.m. means a lot to my preparation for heaven. It is my prayer and my wish that your program would come to every home. May our dear God help us because our destiny is in His hands.”

Are you encouraged by our sister in Croatia? Pray for her and other believers there who are persevering in faith through difficult circumstances.

Next week we’re back on our knees for the people of Southeast Asia. Looking forward to praying with you then!