World Prayer Today

Praying for Arabic broadcasts in Canada

October 08, 2018

Welcome to World Prayer Today where our journey this week brings us home to North America.

We’ll visit Canada today in order to pray for those who listen to Thru the Bible in many languages, including English, French, and even Arabic. As one young woman named Nadim tells us:

“I would love to thank you for your efforts in helping us know the Word of God and live according to His will. You have no idea how much you affected my life, I have changed dramatically since I started to listen to your program. I want to live like Jesus! I pray that your ministry would continue to change the lives of many in the Arab world. I now read the Arabic Bible and I want to help many of my friends and family to know Jesus, because they are so far away from the way and the truth, Jesus Christ.”

Today, let’s pray for Nadim and all those who listen to Thru the Bible in Canada who have a heart for the lost. Ask God to give them opportunity and courage to share their faith with those they love the most.

If you’d like to share God’s Word with a family member or friend who speaks another language, visit us today at and click on the “Bible In Your Language” button.

And join us tomorrow as we head south to North Carolina.