World Prayer Today

Intercede for China’s faithful

October 05, 2018

Today’s prayer tour takes us to the mysterious and wonderful country of China—home to almost 20% of the population of the whole world!

First, praise God that the Mandarin and Cantonese programs have been broadcasting into China via shortwave radio for several decades. Next, pray that God would open channels to broadcast to a wider audience. Finally, praise God for those who regularly listen online—downloading and sharing Thru the Bible’s daily studies with others.

A Chinese businessman shares,

“During the economic depression in mainland in 1998, I became a Christian. I was going through a lot of difficulties at that time. Some Christians shared the gospel with me and I accepted. At that time I had faith in God wholeheartedly. This led me to see in surprise how God brought me forward in the storms. In that moment, I was determined that I would believe in the Lord throughout my life, and to live to glorify God and bless others! In the beginning, reading the Bible was not interesting to me. Until I first listened to your program in 2005, and I was enlightened. Praise my God! The grace of God is indescribable. Now I am serving at my fellowship and leading spiritual meetings. I also lead Bible studies. However busy I am, whenever I listen to your programs, I feel the strength given out from God’s Word. This enables me to serve others with confidence in the Word of God in me.”

Thank God for believers in China who are loving, growing, and serving the body of Christ there. Pray for their protection and that their faith would increase.

Join us next week as we pray across the U.S. and Canada.