World Prayer Today

“Thank you for my spiritual heritage from South Korea”

October 01, 2018

“I remember many things from my years growing up in South Korea, but I cherish the memory of my family studying the Bible together most of all!”

Welcome to World Prayer Today. We’re praying through South Korea today, grateful for the spiritual heritage that many parents are passing along to their children here. Our recent letter from Kim reminds us of the importance of simply talking about godly things together.

She writes,

“Since I was a small girl, my parents have listened to Thru the Bible at our kitchen table. We were invited to join them if we were quiet during the teaching. Over the years, I understood more and more, and many evenings we sat at the table after the program, talking about what we learned. One evening when I was eight years old, I accepted the gift of salvation God made possible through His Son Jesus Christ. Thank you for being a part of my spiritual heritage. My parents remain in Korea today, while I study at university in northern California. God bless you in your work and God bless your team of prayer commitments. I join you when I can.”

What great encouragement that is to parents of young children. Keep the conversation going—God is at work! Pray today for young families on your street, in South Korea, and around the world.

Bundle up! We’re headed north to Mongolia tomorrow. Join us as we pray together.