World Prayer Today

Loving our friends to Jesus

September 18, 2018

In the last two generations, faith in Jesus Christ has been a source of controversy in Russia.

As the Iron Curtain lifted and the gospel was allowed in, albeit on a small scale, Russians became divided in how to respond. Today, the evangelical Christian population is about one percent.

Pray today for the continued effectiveness of Thru the Bible’s outreach in Russia. Secular media makes it difficult to broadcast at times; pray for a continued open door to the good news of God’s love.

This recent letter from a sister in Moscow paints a clear story of how to pray:

The Word of God is changing me through your Bible studies. I came to know Christ six months ago, and I was full of joy! I began sharing the good news with all my friends. Perhaps I was too eager to tell them all about Jesus, but I never expected such a negative reaction. They basically stopped talking to me. The friendship that we had for many years just evaporated. When I listen to the Thru the Bible programs, I feel that I am home, that God loves me and will never leave me. Recently, I was sick and one of my friends did come to visit me. We had a good time, had some tea, and I invited her to come any time. Our friendship was rekindled. One day she came, and I was listening to the TTB program, and we listened together. I saw how God began to work in my friend’s heart. I now try to make sure I do not push her into making a decision. But I pray for her and all my friends every day. My friend is asking me questions about God, and I see that her heart is open for His love. Thank you, friends.”

Lift up young believers in Russia, that their hearts would be encouraged and strengthened by God’s Word and the prayers of believers worldwide.

Join us tomorrow as we travel on our knees in prayer for the people of Tajikistan.