World Prayer Today

God is answering our prayers for the Arabic world

September 14, 2018

World Prayer Team, God is answering our prayers for the Arabic world!

Read this wonderful letter we recently received from Dyya in Lebanon.

“From out of nowhere I’ve started sharing about the importance of believing and following Christ in our lives to many people around me. I do not feel fear nor do I feel any hesitancy. I am just so joyful with the Lord that I need to tell everyone about His love! This has started since I found your program, which helped me get closer to the heart of God and understand His will in my life and that my purpose on earth is to proclaim His name and His salvation.”

Please join us in praying for Dyya and everyone who finds Thru the Bible on Arabic TV, Kol el Ketab. Ask God to fill them with so much joy that their hearts overflow with His goodness. Pray also for Kol el Ketab to be fruitful in countries around the world where the refugee crisis has taken large populations of Arabic speakers, especially in Western Europe.

Join us on Monday as we pray for listeners in Kazakhstan.