World Prayer Today

“I was missing something … something important”

September 05, 2018

“My name is Ajay.” Meet a shopkeeper in a small village in Papua New Guinea.

“I have been a devout person, worshiping gods the way I was taught by my parents. I went on pilgrimages and made sure I appeased my gods. But if it weren’t for that constant gnawing within myself that made me feel I was missing something … something important, I would never have gotten to know about the real Lord and Savior.

“One particular day, I felt depressed and wondered if the gods really saw my acts of hard work and penance that I did in their name. This constantly played on my mind, and I found myself getting distracted from work. The vicious cycle of depression, distraction, and unproductivity sucked me into a spiral, when one day a Christian came up to my store and asked me what was wrong. I didn’t answer, but he asked me the same question again the next day.

“When I told him what I was going through, he shared the gospel with me and gave me instructions to listen to your program. The producer, after a discussion on spiritual need, led me in a prayer to ask God for peace. Believe it or not, I found such amazing peace! God had given His own peace that He had promised. Soon enough, I accepted the Lord as my personal Savior. Now that I feel in connection with the real God and His peace, I continually want to learn from Him through your program. Thank you so much and thank those who pray for such as this.”

Take this brother’s story to heart and keep on praying!

Tomorrow we travel on our knees to Myanmar.