World Prayer Today

Creative tools for creative access

August 24, 2018

Surprisingly, in the small country of Suriname, on the Atlantic side of South America, most people speak Dutch. While almost half the population professes to be Christians, let’s pray today for Muslim Javanese people who make up a large (35%) group of those living in Suriname who may not have heard the name of Jesus Christ.

We can pray in two ways today: First, pray that the Dutch translation of Thru the Bible will be effective in communicating God’s love revealed throughout His Word. This is often a new concept for Muslim listeners. Pray also for the effectiveness of solar-powered mp3 players that are being distributed with programs of Thru the Bible loaded on them.

A local missionary tells us that “the players are an ideal tool for young Christians to listen to as families, or in small groups, using the player as a Bible study leader. Thanks to the church, and some individual donors, who have paid for this project.”

Pray today that God’s Word reaches listeners in this Muslim-Javanese people group—and thank the Lord with us for His provision of these creative-access Bible resource tools.

Next week we’ll explore what the faithful are doing in India!