World Prayer Today

A good reason for a “hallelujah”

August 23, 2018

It’s easy to forget that in some places around the world, the Bible and Bible study resources are rare and hard to find.

When Thru the Bible DVDs and Dr. McGee’s Notes & Outlines translated into Spanish arrived in a church in Uruguay, the announcement that they would be given out was greeted with arms thrust into the air and shouts of, “Hallelujah! Gloria a Dios [glory to God]!” Some shouted out, “We have been waiting for this for years!”

Praise the Lord that God’s Word is hungered after by people who are waiting and eager to hear the good news of Jesus Christ.

If someone you know would be interested in receiving the Thru the Bible notes and outlines in Spanish, direct them to A Través de la Biblia. And pray that God’s Word would continue to be carried, taught, and treasured in places where the good news is hard to find.

Join us tomorrow in Suriname.