World Prayer Today

“Only the Holy Spirit was able to guide me to you.”

August 22, 2018

The Bible promises that when we search for God with our whole hearts, we will find Him (see Jeremiah 29:13).

Today, we can celebrate together the lives in Costa Rica that have been changed because God was found by the many who are seeking Him there. Here are a few who have written to us about it.

Tomas wrote in an email:

“Searching for information about how to know God, looking for Bible studies on the internet, and I found you. As I listened to the audio I was so impressed with the way you share the gospel. I have found your program to be a reliable fountain for knowledge and growth for my spiritual life. Thank you for this and for praying for my country on your prayer travels. I too am asking God to strengthen you in love.”

Sylvia also wrote an email:

May God shower abundant blessings upon you. As I was searching for information on the internet about some Bible studies, I opened this page. I feel that the Lord led me here and is speaking to my life through your program. Since then this is my favorite page on the internet! I tell my friends because I know that it will be of much blessing to their lives as it is to mine. Only the Holy Spirit would be able to guide me to you.”

Do you want a good reason to praise the Lord? Travel with the prayer team to Uruguay tomorrow!