World Prayer Today

Are you praying for a prodigal?

August 03, 2018

Welcome to Texas, World Prayer Team! We’re glad to have you along for the journey as we travel the path of a listener named Ray who recently emailed to share his story.

“I have just begun riding the Bible Bus with J. Vernon McGee. I was a prodigal son, who is grateful to come home. I am 50 years old and although I was saved at 16, I did not live a very moral life. But one day while traveling to College Station, Texas, I heard Dr. McGee’s sermon titled ‘Listen to a Picture.’ I was so overtaken with emotion, I was moved to tears. While I’ve heard many sermons over the years … this was unique. It touched my heart. I thank you and God for that sermon.

“Dr. McGee gives me a desire that I often do not have to ‘speak with the Lord’ and a ‘want’ to hear the Word of God. Like many of your listeners, I have difficulty at times, especially in understanding the Old Testament. Thru the Bible puts the Bible into context for me and I am growing in love with the Word of God.”

Are you faithfully praying for prodigals in your life? Keep it up, and let Ray’s story be an encouragement to you! And let’s praise God that He stands ready to redeem us all when we finally turn to Him.

Join us next week as the World Prayer Team prays our way through Central Europe.