World Prayer Today

Sharing God on the job

August 01, 2018

Welcome, World Prayer Team members. Today we travel to the city of Windsor in Ontario, Canada.

Located just across the river from Detroit, Michigan, Windsor was first inhabited by the Aboriginal people of Canada and Native Americans. Today Windsor is known as the oldest continually inhabited European settlement in Canada west of Montreal, and it’s here that Anna, a longtime listener of Thru the Bible, faithfully shares her love for the broadcast with others.

“Thank you for being so faithful in bringing the Word of God all over the world. We live in Canada, but have family in Italy. My husband and I own a small construction company and every day our radio stays on, whether we work on roofs repairing chimneys, or on the ground doing brick work. We rejoice when Dr. McGee comes on. We soak in his teachings, and our customers hear the Word of God as we work in their homes. At the end of the day as we are leaving, we pray that God’s Word may have been planted in the hearts of those who live there.”

What a great story. How are you sharing God’s Word with those in your life? Today let’s pray for Anna and others like her who share God’s Word with those around them. And let’s ask Him to give each of us the boldness to share the goodness and glory of Jesus with others as well.

Tomorrow the World Prayer Team travels to Bridgeport, Connecticut, for a happy reunion. Join us, won’t you?