World Prayer Today

Never too young

July 26, 2018

Read the Bible with an eye for people, and you’ll find many young adults making a difference for God: young shepherd boy David, privileged teenage king Josiah, and even Mary—the one chosen by God to bear a miracle.

Today we visit with a young listener in Southeast Asia about a great life lesson he learned early. He wrote from Vietnam:

“Your program encourages young adults like me to make the right decisions and stay away from the wrong ones. Last year I failed my graduation exams three times. I was so discouraged. The night before my final opportunity I turned on the radio and tuned into your program. The message that night focused on how there’s nothing God cannot do. He can do anything. Right then, I prayed for the Lord to help me pass my exams. I felt I needed to rely on Him and do my best. Thank you so much for letting me know where to find the strength to face my problems.”

Praise the Lord for the lesson this young man can teach us all. By the way, his P.S. read: “Praise be to God—I passed my exam!” Pray today that we turn to God in our challenges—and intercede for the young people who listen to Thru the Bible around the world.

We’ll continue our prayer journey tomorrow in the tropical South Pacific island of Samoa.