World Prayer Today

A plea for prayer in Indonesia

July 25, 2018

As we touch down in the beautiful island nation of Indonesia today, we have the opportunity to visit with a pastor who is grateful for our prayers:

“Thank you for praying for me and my congregation. Sometimes it’s the only thing that keeps me going. Serving the Lord is hard here. So many people teach false things that it can be overwhelming. I try not to be anxious, but many in my flock are from rural areas and have not heard much about God, so these teachings are confusing to them.

“That’s why your programs are such a blessing. You help me understand the Scripture and teach in a way that makes sense. I also invite my congregation to listen to your broadcasts and hear the truth for themselves. Please continue to pray for us and pray that God’s truth will prevail.”

It’s true! Your prayers are an important part of getting God’s Word to people like this pastor and his congregation. Please keep it up!

Our journey of faith and intercession continues tomorrow. Please join us and invite a friend to pray with you!