World Prayer Today

“When my family found out … they almost killed me.”

July 24, 2018

Welcome to World Prayer Today. We’re grateful you’ve joined us as our prayer journey takes us to Micronesia to meet with a faithful Thru the Bible listener who shares his dramatic story:

“My name is Jagannath and I always liked to take an active part in religious debates and dominate people of other faiths. This habit of mine made me a proud person. Whatever work I began, I did in the names of my gods and goddesses.

“One day while I was listening to the radio, I accidentally found your program and heard that real peace is possible only when we receive the Lord Jesus Christ. When I asked my master about this, he shouted at me and said, ‘Do not ever take this name in front of me.’ I wondered why he was so angry. I decided that I will find the root cause and studied the Bible and met with your team. It was then that I decided to follow Jesus.

“When my family found out, they became violent and almost killed me, so today I live in another village. I am still a regular listener and am happy to grow in God’s love day by day. Please pray for my family so that they also may come to know and realize the real truth and peace.”

Praise God for Jagannath and others around the world who boldly choose to follow Jesus despite the sacrifice and risk. Let’s ask God to bless and protect them and open the hearts of their loved ones as well.

Tomorrow we’re off to Indonesia. Join us right here.