World Prayer Today

Pray for new ministry strategies in China

July 16, 2018

A generation ago, a curtain fell on mainland China during its “Cultural Revolution.” All communication with the Western world stopped. In spite of the strict cultural constraints, faith in Jesus Christ was still alive, nurtured secretly and at great cost.

When the Cultural Revolution ended in the 1980’s, the Good News began to spread through unofficial channels, and thousands responded to the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Thru the Bible’s Mandarin programs are broadcasted through a missionary who works as a tent-maker in northern China. Recently he contacted us with this encouraging report:

“Many brothers and sisters are starting to use Thru the Bible all across the country, even some new church plants and Bible study groups are being set up and using the program as a guide. Thank you so much for helping to get this program into our hands.”

Lift up this missionary and the people in China who are learning more about God and falling more in love with Jesus as they study the Bible along with us. Pray for some exciting new ministry strategies that are currently being explored to more effectively reach the world’s most populous country.  Pray also for the safety of those who listen, some who are persecuted for their faith in Jesus.

Tomorrow we travel to the island nation of Japan.