World Prayer Today

Bringing God’s Word to the Arab world

June 11, 2018

“Your teachings nourish and sustain my faith.”

That’s the good news we receive from one listener of Thru the Bible’s Arabic program. He goes on to say:

“There are no churches in my area and it is unsafe to gather with other believers. I cannot tell you my name or where I live, but your words bring joy to my heart. The faith inherited from my family was never fulfilling, but through you I now know a Savior who answers all of my questions and brings peace to my soul. I pray that your programs will touch many lives in the Arab world. As much as I can I will tell others about you.”

This week as our world prayer journey travels through North Africa and the Middle East, let’s pray that God’s Word shines brightly in the darkness, illuminating a path for those who choose to follow Him.

And let’s specifically pray for Thru the Bible’s Arabic program that airs in Oman. Ask God to expand our outreach and touch the hearts of Muslims who are searching for truth.

Pray with us tomorrow as we travel to Libya.