World Prayer Today

Passionate for Puerto Rico!

June 06, 2018

Look over our shoulder and read this email addressed to Thru the Bible’s World Prayer Team:

To: TTB’s World Prayer Team
Subject: Puerto Rico—HELP


I’m so proud to have been listening to Dr. McGee for decades now. I formally joined the Bible Bus almost three years ago. It has put my Christian life on an entirely different level, being able to finally go through and understand the Old Testament!

Also, I absolutely love being a part of the World Prayer Team. Can we go to Puerto Rico soon? My father was from Puerto Rico and so my entire family on his side lives there. A large portion of the population is into a form of spiritism and voodoo, including some of my family. They are very sharp, professional people, but they are lost.

Please pray for my family and for this precious island. I am begging you on my face to have a heart for Puerto Rico. Any prayers or mission work is so needed and appreciated.

God bless you, team, in the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Please pray specifically today for our World Prayer Team member’s family and others who need the Lord Jesus as their Savior on the precious island of Puerto Rico. They are not forgotten!

Be sure to join us tomorrow as our prayer journey takes us into the rain forest of Brazil.