World Prayer Today

Listening on the phone in Peru

June 05, 2018

Aren’t we all grateful for the opportunities that technology has made possible?

Read this great story from a young father who is a small group leader in Peru:

“Receive greetings from the whole family that God has given me, my wife and teenage sons. I have been listening to your program on my cell phone every day and am very grateful for the Notes & Outlines that you sent. The Lord has allowed me to teach a small group at our church, and the instruction that I receive complements this teaching. I pray for your ministry every day, that you will continue to grow and reach many homes in Peru for Christ. May God bless you richly.”

We echo this young man and his prayer that more homes in Peru will be reached with the gospel. Just picture him listening to the same Thru the Bible message that we do—only in Spanish … and on his cell phone!

We travel farther on our knees into Latin America tomorrow when we visit the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.