World Prayer Today

Overcoming false teachers leads to life

May 25, 2018

Welcome to the Solomon Islands. In this remote land of gorgeous blue waters and unspoiled beaches, we find God is at work!

As one local pastor tells us,

“Through your programs I am reminded that God does not focus on earthly things. I am often concerned with the affairs of this world, but I know I need to focus on the Lord Jesus only and help my congregation to do the same thing. That’s why I encourage them to listen to your program. Many people here teach false things. You have so much more knowledge about the Bible than I do and I am happy to learn from you. Please pray for us that we may share only God’s truth in our church.”

Praise God for this pastor who is committed to God’s Word! Ask that the fruit of his ministry increases! Remember also those who hear God’s Word on Thru the Bible—pray that the truth is clear to them and they respond in faith.

Join us next week as we have the privilege of partnering in prayer across Africa.