World Prayer Today

A family’s only hope for healing

May 23, 2018

“I come from a Hindi family and I used to worship several gods in order to live a life of peace and prosperity.

“Without warning one day, I fell seriously ill and no treatment or medicine could cure me. My husband happened upon your program, that day in the text of Matthew 6:25-27. We learned that God was in control of all things and that He loved mankind so much that He gave up His only Son to take the punishment of our sins. At the end of the program, I joined the preacher in prayer, and I decided to continue listening to the program every day as it left me with a peace that I couldn't comprehend or explain.

“The following day, the preacher spoke from Matthew 7 and the verse ‘Ask, and it will be given to you’ made me immediately go on my knees. I wept before Christ and asked Him for His healing upon my life. Within a week, I slowly began to notice some improvement in my health. Today, by the grace of God, I am much better and, more importantly, my entire family has accepted Christ as our Lord and Master. We have also started attending a church near our village which has been a great blessing for us. I request your prayers for myself and my family.”

Remember this family in New Zealand and others around the world who turn to Jesus as their last hope—and their only hope of life, now and eternally.

Join us tomorrow as we travel on our knees across the Philippine Islands on the World Prayer Team.