World Prayer Today

Pray for the healing of a nation

April 19, 2018

This week as we travel on our knees through northeast Asia, we meet people who have been personally impacted by God’s Word taught on the radio.

Meet Jeem, a brother who has listened to Thru the Bible’s Mandarin program for a very long time:

“When I was a child [in China], I used to hide while listening to your broadcast, because at that time not only were we not allow to listen to Christian radio, we were not allowed to read the Bible as well. If we were caught reading the Bible, we would be sent to reformation labor camps because it was illegal. Later I was sent to the reformation labor camp. At that time, TWR sent me a Bible, and the leaders ordered me to hand it over, but I refused. They said, ‘This is the way foreign countries invade China.’ However, nowadays, it is totally different. My leaders say, ‘Read the Bible more because it is a very good book.’ Please pray for us.”

Let’s pray for followers of Jesus in Taiwan like Jeem. Pray that they are grounded and strengthened by the Word of God. Pray also for emotional and spiritual wounds to heal.

Tomorrow we head north to Mongolia. God bless you as you pray today.