World Prayer Today

Answered prayer in Japan

April 17, 2018

God is answering our prayers! For many years, we’ve been asking God to open up outlets for taking His Word to Japan, after secular stations took all Christian programming off the air.  

Over the years, broadcasting here hasn’t been easy, but God is faithful!

God has recently answered our prayers above and beyond what we asked or imagined. TTB-Japanese now airs on 11 FM stations across the country, including one in the capital city of Tokyo!

Pray God opens hearts to spiritual truth, just as He has opened doors to the country.

Thank God for this breakthrough, and pray that the more than 50% of the population of Japan who have never heard the gospel would find Thru the Bible and respond in faith to God’s invitation to know Jesus Christ as their personal Savior.

Tomorrow we’ll discover how to pray for one of the largest people groups on earth.