World Prayer Today

Celebrating good news on Good Friday in India

March 30, 2018

Happy Good Friday! Today our travels bring us to India, a country that many call “home of the world’s least evangelized people.”

But praise God, His Word is making a difference in many hearts and homes across this country. Listen to the story this listener of Thru the Bible’s Banjara program shared,

“I am 71 years old and my family has worshiped idols since the time of our forefathers. Throughout my lifetime, I have performed many ritual and rites to please the gods and spent lots of money on them. However I found no peace.

“Not long ago my youngest son was very ill and I was sure he was going to die. It was around then that we happened to hear Thru the Bible. We were surprised that it came in our mother tongue of Banjara. The pastor on the radio said, ‘Jesus Christ is the true God. Are you yielding to Him in the days of agony and despair? If not, this is the right time to believe the Lord Jesus Christ. This is the day of salvation.’

As I heard this message, my heart raced and I felt faith take hold in my heart. I wanted to know about the Lord Jesus Christ, and so I listened every day after.

“Today, my son is 25 years old and working in Mumbai. Our entire family has accepted Christ and we give thanks to God for sparing his life, but more importantly we give thanks for the eternal life He has offered us through the sacrifice of His Son. We have stopped worshiping idols and tell everyone we know about the goodness of our Savior.”

As Resurrection Sunday quickly approaches, will you pray that more people will hear and believe the good news God has for them?

Join us on Monday as our journey continues in Azerbaijan.