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“Secondhand listening brought my husband to Jesus”

March 27, 2018

You’ve heard that secondhand smoke can kill. Well, on our World Prayer Today visit to Belgium, we’ll hear about “secondhand evangelism” that brought life!

Here’s a faithful wife’s story about how her husband came to Jesus. She writes:

“I have listened to Thru the Bible for over 30 years. Since my husband has retired he has also listened to you, though he never intended to. You see, I listen to you on the internet and our computers are in the same room. While he plays solitaire, I listen to my daily study with my Bible open on my lap and my heart interceding for his soul. This year, my husband of 50 years of marriage knelt beside his computer and surrendered his life to Jesus Christ. Praise God! I know that listening to God’s Word on your program ushered him to Jesus. Thank you for your dedication to God’s Word.”

Have you been praying for a long time for someone you love to come to Jesus? Let this encourage you to keep praying. And let’s all pray for those who are waiting and those who will be coming.

We’ll continue celebrating new life in Christ tomorrow on World Prayer Today.