World Prayer Today

“My struggles and problems find their way out . . .”

February 23, 2018

“My struggles and problems find their way out . . .” says a faithful TTB listener in Indonesia.

It’s true, isn’t it? When you put your faith in Jesus Christ, your problems and struggles don’t disappear, but over time, they find their way out.

We’re visiting the beautiful archipelago country of Indonesia, comprised of thousands of islands. Thru the Bible has heard from many listeners there who send a general message: “We are blessed by God’s Word . . . we are strengthened in our faith . . . please keep it coming!”

Here are just a couple of personal letters:

  • I am being blessed a lot after I listen to your program. It strengthens me to face every problem, both in job and also in our family. It makes me realize that the Lord Jesus is so good to me for all my life with the family. God bless you.”
  • I thank God because He always provides for our needs. We are modest people but we are happy. We are being strengthened by TTB sermons and God’s Word that make us strong in walking with Jesus.”

Lift up the family of faith living in Indonesia today. Ask God to bless them as they faithfully walk with Him and tell their neighbors about Jesus.

And that’s a good way to pray for all of us around the world.