World Prayer Today

“Let’s not postpone our witness…”

February 15, 2018

Welcome to World Prayer Today. We’re grateful you’ve joined us as our journey takes us to the heart of Hungary to meet with one faithful listener of Thru the Bible who shares:

“Your broadcasts give me great power day by day. I would like to live the things I hear from you in my everyday life as well as share them in our small community. It is my heart to share my new life through my words and testimonies. I want to be a servant in spreading the gospel. I am very aware that we can’t postpone our witness. Please pray for me as I take what I learn from you and give it to others.”

Praise God for this hometown “missionary” and others around the world who proudly share the name of Jesus with their friends and neighbors. Let’s ask God to bless their bold witness and open the hearts of those who are hearing about eternal life, perhaps for the first time.

Together, let’s ask God to embolden our hearts as well . . . so that we too will reach out with His love and grace to our community.

Join us tomorrow as we meet with a young prisoner in Poland.