World Prayer Today

Finding peace in Palestine

January 18, 2018

Choosing to follow Christ in the Palestinian Territories isn’t an easy decision.

Many Christians live with the threat of attack and betrayal no matter where they turn. And many have chosen to leave because of the pressure they feel from both Israelis and Islamists.

So today, let’s pray for those who choose to stay and proclaim Christ in this troubled land—like this man who recently wrote to us:

“I am the owner of a coffee shop, and through your programs and visits from your staff I have been encouraged to not just listen to your broadcasts, but read the New Testament as well. My family, along with many of our customers, listen to Thru the Bible and we are grateful for your teachings. Peace is hard to find here, but in God’s Word we find rest.”

Will you intervene for God’s people in Palestine right now?

And join us as our journey continues tomorrow in Algeria.