World Prayer Today

Hope on the horizon for Colombia

November 10, 2017

Known more for the violence of guerilla groups and drug cartels than for its astounding natural beauty, Colombia is a country at the crossroads.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. We’re glad to have you aboard as we travel on our knees through some of the world’s most breathtaking mountain ranges and coastlines on the planet.

In the midst of the brutality and chaos, there is hope on the horizon. God is answering our prayers. In the last few decades, religious freedom has been granted and Bible-believing Christians are on the rise. So let’s celebrate the stories of listeners like these:

Rueben says: “Your messages have opened my understanding to interpret the Scriptures. It was difficult before, but glory to God I have met Him in the pages of His Word.”

Gloria writes: “We are a group of listeners, and one of our members downloads the audio and sends them to the rest of us. We are new Christians, but God is changing us from the inside out. May He keep blessing you so that day by day you may comply with Jesus’ Great Commission, which is to take the Word to every corner of the world … including our home of Colombia.”

Hector emailed to share: “In my home we listen to your program every day at 6 a.m. Together with my wife and children, we have found in this program a very different and exciting way to study the Word of God. We are grateful to have a compass that guides us through this life. The world is a dark place, but through your programs you lead us to light. That is where we want to live. Please keep broadcasting and we will continue to listen and invite others to join us.”

Thank you for interceding for the people of Colombia. Please join us and boldly ask God to replace violence with peace—the peace that comes from knowing His Son Jesus Christ.

Next week our team heads to South Asia. Meet us there on Monday!