World Prayer Today

“Where is God now that my child has cancer?”

October 20, 2017

“Where is God now that my child has cancer?”

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Today as we travel on our knees through Croatia we take time to sit with a grief-stricken mother. She continues:

“I want to believe that God exists, I want to know Him better, but I’m having doubts. My daughter is so young and gentle, how could a loving God allow her to suffer? Why doesn’t He do something about it? I am listening to your programs, but my heart is in such pain I can hardly process what I am hearing. Can you please pray for her … and for me?”

What a great request. Today let’s pray for all families who struggle with cancer and physical illness. And while we’re at it, let’s pray for Thru the Bible’s in-country teams who lovingly respond to letters like these from heartbroken listeners all over the world. May they reflect the hope and life that can only be found in our precious Savior, Jesus Christ.

Hop aboard and pray with us on Monday as the team heads to Thailand.