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Trapped in generations of idol worship, they found Jesus

August 28, 2017

“Our family was always fighting and I never felt at peace.”

That’s the beginning of a note from a listener of our Sindhi broadcast in Rajasthan, India. She continues:

“Every time a family member visited us, they would bring a new statue of a god from the market. Somehow whenever a new statue would appear, our fighting would increase. But now my husband, my children, and I have found your program and realize that the idols and curses my family believed in are fake and God’s love is real. I can now tune out the fighting and raise my children with the peace and love that we find in God’s Word. Please remember my parents in your prayers; they are still far from the Lord.”

What a great story! Praise God for the power of His Word to reach those who are trapped in generations of idol worship. Today let’s remember the parents of this listener and all those in India who live in darkness. May God’s Word change their hearts and minds, bringing them into a real and saving relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ.

We’ve got more great stories from God’s people in India. Join us tomorrow in Karnataka.