World Prayer Today

“I praise God for the freedom we now have.”

August 08, 2017

“As a small child in Albania, I learned about God from my grandmother. But soon the state forbade us to believe in God and all churches were removed from our city.

“I vaguely remember my grandmother praying in secret, but my parents denied God and followed the rules.

“Recently on my 55th birthday, I accepted Jesus into my heart. Your programs have helped me to know the Lord more closely. The teachings are very easy to understand. I praise God for the freedom we now have to hear His Word. I hope more people will listen.”

Today let’s pray that more Albanians will hear God’s Word and understand God’s love for them. May the hope they find in Jesus help them to overcome the lingering effects of Communism—in their country as well as in their hearts.

Our worldwide prayer journey continues tomorrow in Serbia. Climb aboard and join us!