World Prayer Today

“Please keep broadcasting and I will keep inviting my neighbors to listen.”

August 03, 2017

Welcome, world travelers. We’re glad to have you join us in sunny southern California where we meet with Federico, who shares what God’s Word means to him.

“Your teaching is clear and centered on the Word of God. I am so grateful for this. May God continue to bless your program that illuminates this world that is filled with such spiritual darkness. I listen to you online from Los Angeles, California. Most of my neighbors speak Spanish, so I ask them to come and listen with me. It would give me great joy if they all came to Christ. Please keep broadcasting and I will keep inviting them.”

Isn’t his enthusiasm contagious? Today let’s praise God for Federico and others who partner with us in sharing His Word. Let’s pray that His Spirit will guide their hearts and give them favor as they reach out in the name of Jesus.

Would you like to introduce someone you to know to God’s Word? Invite them to join us here at where you can listen to Thru the Bible in almost 100 of the over 120 languages in which we broadcast

Tomorrow our prayer journey takes us to Tennessee. Join us.