World Prayer Today

“Change is coming as I study the Scriptures with you …”

July 03, 2017

Welcome to Belarus, a small country between Poland and Russia. Today we praise God that although His church and people are hindered by strict government laws, more and more people here are coming to faith in Jesus Christ.

Rejoice in this letter we recently received:

“I love that you are going through the Bible book by book. Through your teaching I have found new life in Christ. I believed His words and repeated them, and change is coming day by day as I study the Scriptures with you. I am the only believer in my village, and there is no church near me, so your programs are my only joy. Each day I receive spiritual bread and living water as I sit and listen to God’s Word on my radio. Thank you for this immeasurable gift.”

Today let’s thank God for the faith of this man and others like him who follow Jesus despite the laws and restrictions. Let’s ask God to give them courage to withstand those who oppose and threaten them.

We have more to pray about tomorrow in Kyrgyzstan. Meet us there.