World Prayer Today

Stop and pray for Denmark

June 26, 2017

More modern and less religious. That’s how many young people describe Denmark today. And they may be right.

According to experts, over 80 percent of the population identifies themselves as Lutheran, but church attendance is an astonishing two percent, and half of those attending report being agnostic or atheist. 

Danish churches are in serious need of prayer. So, prayer team, are you ready? Let’s gather our petitions and ask God to create a spiritual hunger and bring revival to the people of Denmark.

Father, we intercede today for Your church in Denmark. Thank You for the small majority who are standing for You in this deserted land. We pray that You will bring more Danes into a real and eternal relationship with Your Son, Jesus Christ. We ask You to create a growing desire to study Your Word that will bring an unexpected and undeniable revival in the Danish people, whom You love so much. In the name of Jesus we pray, amen.

Tomorrow we pray for and get encouragement from a 94-year-old listener in Bavaria. See you then!