World Prayer Today

God’s “got this”

June 07, 2017

“God is so faithful!”

That’s the opening of an email that Mary Margaret, a fellow World Prayer Team member, recently wrote. Her email continues:

“A while back I was distraught and wrote asking if the prayer team could add Puerto Rico to our travels. I got a response to that email and didn’t think much more about it. Then, I received a World Prayer Team email that included prayers for my island. I’m so grateful for your faithfulness. I am reminded, in a glorious way, of how carefully our Lord listens to the voice of each of His children. Thank for joining hands and praying with me! Now it’s confirmed in heart that my Father has ‘got this.’ Thank you, World Prayer Team! All of your efforts resound loudly to our Heavenly Father.”

Mary is right, whatever burden we carry, our Father has “got this.” So, what is troubling your heart? What do you need to give Him today? As you pray for your burdens, please remember to ask for revival in Mary’s beloved Puerto Rico, too.

Tomorrow’s prayer destination: Brazil.