World Prayer Today

Listeners are sharing the gospel in Kenya

June 01, 2017

Welcome, World Prayer Team. We’re glad to have you on board today as we travel on our knees, interceding for the people who listen to Thru the Bible’s Gikuyu language broadcasts.

Gikuyu is spoken primarily by the Kikuyu people of Kenya. The Kikuyu, who comprise 22% of Kenya’s population, are the largest ethnic group in Kenya, and since 2006 Thru the Bible has been broadcasting to them in their heart language. Here are just a few of their letters, reflecting how their lives have been changed by God’s Word.

One young lady recently wrote:

The Word is so encouraging. I gave my life to Christ and I have been listening to you regularly. I am glad that the Lord has been talking to me, teaching me many things through this program. Recently, I have begun to share the gospel with my family and friends. Please pray for me.”

Rejoice with this pastor who uses Thru the Bible in his church:

I have listened to your program for many years. It has changed my life. I have become a preacher and now use your teachings to help me learn more about God and be a better teacher to my congregation. Many people in the church have begun to listen as well, it is a great way to study together and discuss our faith.”

And here is another note from a shepherd of a Kikuyu flock:

The messages have helped me a lot. It was through the programs that I came to know Jesus and was saved. Now I am now a pastor. I pray that more people will hear your broadcasts and come to know our Savior.”

That’s a great prayer! Let’s join him and ask that God will bless the broadcasting of His Word and bless the ministry of listeners like these who are reaching out in His name.

Our journey through Africa continues tomorrow in Benin. We’ll meet you there.