World Prayer Today

Praying for deliverance from darkness

May 26, 2017

To the east of Papua New Guinea lie the Solomon Islands. With sparkling untouched lagoons and lush emerald forests, it’s hard to deny that the Solomon Islands are an amazing place to visit.

Welcome, World Prayer Team! Our travels today bring us to what many consider a modern-day paradise. But despite the laid-back lifestyle and gorgeous scenery, there is much to pray about in the Solomon Islands. Over the past hundred years, many have followed the Lord Jesus Christ, but still many islanders pray to their ancestors or practice animism or black magic.

So while we take a deep breath and enjoy the scenery, let’s stop and pray for all believers who are affected by the power of their tribal religions. In the name of Jesus, ask for complete deliverance from the darkness and the draw of these practices. And through the process, pray they will bring glory to God and be light to all those around them.

If you’ve ever wanted to visit Africa, here’s your chance! We’re headed there on our knees next week on World Prayer Today.