World Prayer Today

“Family and wealth could not fill the vacuum in my heart …”

May 12, 2017

“I was born into comfort and luxury, but always had an emptiness in my heart.”

That’s what we hear today from a listener in Tamil Nadu, India. Here’s the rest of her story.

“The emptiness was a vacuum that family or wealth could not fill. We worshipped multiple gods but my heart was never in it. One afternoon a Christian friend invited me to attend her prayer meeting. I liked it very much and began to go with her regularly. But after learning more about the meetings and seeing my growing interest in Jesus, my husband forbade me from going again. That’s when my friend recommended programs. And that’s how I became a Christian without my husband’s knowledge.

“Since I first started listening, you have become my teacher and my friend. Despite many hardships, I have never felt alone since the day I accepted Christ into my heart. Thank you for being with me and encouraging me to continue my relationship with the Lord.”

Praise God for the faith of this listener and the many others who choose to follow Jesus in secret. Let’s continue to pray that the broadcasting of God’s Word flourishes in the many languages in which Thru the Bible broadcasts throughout India.

Our worldwide prayer trek continues next week in Central Europe. Join us in Bulgaria on Monday.