World Prayer Today

Praying in the Pacific Northwest

May 01, 2017

Welcome, World Prayer Team members. This week we travel home to pray our way through North America. Today we land in Washington and hear from a fellow World Prayer Team member named Ann.

“I began reading Dr. McGee’s commentaries years ago, but did not start listening to the program until I lost my husband in 2014. I thank God for Dr. McGee’s fundamental teaching and for the staff who has carried on his mission. I’ve told many of my friends about Thru the Bible and now they host Bible studies in their homes. I’ve enclosed a check for an oil check in the Bible Bus and will continue to pray for this ministry and my fellow listeners. May God bless you, keep you, strengthen you, and open doors in more countries and villages that the people will be lifted out of darkness into the marvelous light of the Word of God.”

What a great letter! As you may know, there are less than 20 dedicated, faithful people on staff at Thru the Bible! But many more volunteer, like our board of directors, including our host, Steve Shwetz, and others who work together to broadcast God’s Word in 160 countries and more than 120 languages worldwide.

So please join Ann and all of us in praying for those who faithfully serve in our home office of Pasadena, California, and around the world.

Our prayer journey continues tomorrow in Phoenix, Arizona. We’ll meet you there!