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“Jesus sounded too good to be true”

May 20, 2021

“When a friend visiting from Germany told us about Jesus … He sounded too good to be true.”

Welcome, prayer travelers. Today we’re in Iran meeting with a husband and wife who share how they came to board the Bible Bus each day:

“Our friend was a new Christian and visited us in our home. We were uncomfortable at first, but to be polite we listened to a program of yours. What a different way of thinking. Our minds nearly exploded at the thoughts presented. After he left, we continued to listen. It took us awhile to begin to understand, but something kept drawing us back to each message. We are still unsure of many things, but this we know: We are children of God and our lives now belong to Him.”

In a country where leaving Islam for Christianity can be punishable by death, praise God for the bravery and commitment of this new brother and sister. Pray more people join them on the Bible Bus and the name of Jesus is praised throughout Iran.

Our journey through the Middle East ends tomorrow. Join us and pray for Israel.

Listen here to TTB-Persian.