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The gospel is spreading on satellite TV

March 15, 2021

As we travel through the Middle East today, we’ve got good news from the producers of THRU the BIBLE on satellite TV. Rejoice with us: 

“Over the past three months, many listeners have called saying they have accepted Jesus Christ as they listened to our Persian broadcasts. They told us they have enjoyed our programs and that it was a source of great knowledge and abundance for them. It is the prayer of all of us that these people who believe in secret can explain their faith to their friends and family in the years to come.” 

What a great update! Today ask God to expand THRU the BIBLE’s reach in the languages of Arabic, Persian, and Turkish. As His Word goes out, together let’s pray for entire households to come to faith in Jesus and grow in the grace and knowledge of the Lord Jesus Christ. 

Our journey continues tomorrow as we pray for God’s Word heard on satellite TV in Turkey.  

Watch the TTB-Persian satellite TV program here.