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One billion people … one million miles … 95% don’t know Jesus

December 22, 2020

One billion people in India live within one million square miles, and more than 95% of them have never heard the name of Jesus.

Welcome to World Prayer Today. As we journey through Tamil Nadu, we rejoice in the doors God is opening to share His Word and for the terrific news we hear from a listener named Sujata. She shares:

“I belong to a non-Christian community. After my husband’s death, I lost all my hope to survive in this world. Often, I used to feel dejected and frustrated. In this situation, one Christian man who lives nearby my house encouraged me to listen to your radio program and gave me a radio as a gift.

“Since then, I have started listening and the program helps me know about God who created mankind. The messages from the Holy Bible comforted me very much and gave me confidence that Jesus would take care of me. So, I never miss the broadcast. This program helps me have faith in Jesus Christ. I encouraged my sons to listen to the program along with me. We have decided to follow Christ. Due to the pandemic, there is no church service, so I am grateful you have become our church. I pray God blesses you.”

As we pray today, let’s thank God for the new faith of this family and ask Him to reach more people in Tamil Nadu with the Good News of His Son, Jesus Christ.

A depressed listener in Colombia finds hope in God’s Word. Travel with us tomorrow as our journey of prayer and praise continues.