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Lights shining in the darkness of the United Arab Emirates

September 17, 2020

Of the 43 people groups living in the United Arab Emirates, 25 remain unreached by the gospel and many of them are indigenous and illiterate. 

Welcome, World Prayer Team. As we pray our way through the seven Emirates, we begin in Dubai where a listener of Thru the Bible’s Arabic program shares this:

“I live in a place where darkness surrounds me. I am originally from the Muslim faith, but now a Christian. I am praying to be a light that shines in the darkness. Because of my faith, all of my belongings were taken from me and I was thrown out of my family home. But my heart is sustained with the joy of the Lord, and I know my treasure and place is in heaven where life is eternal and no thieves can destroy it. I am grateful for your teachings that show me how to grow in Christ. I will share them with those who will listen. You are now my family, and I hope you consider me one of yours too.”

Sharing the gospel in the United Arab Emirates is illegal. Pray today for listeners like this one who is willing to withstand persecution for the sake of their faith. Ask God to bless their efforts and for Emirati leaders to rule with wisdom and tolerance, allowing believers to live in peace and fellowship with one another.

We’re praying for the mistreated in Turkey tomorrow. Climb aboard and join us for the journey.