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A young family in Austria finds adventure in God’s Word

June 22, 2020

Welcome, World Prayer Team. Our journey today brings us to Vienna, the stunning capital city of Austria, where we learn how very few people have a relationship with Jesus Christ. Despite state-sanctioned churches, most don’t attend any type of faith-based service at all.  

In fact, some say more Austrians are involved with the occult than attend church. More than ten percent of Austrians say they don’t believe in God at all.  

Despite the bleak spiritual outlook, we know God is at work. That’s why we’re excited to hear from Lukas who shares:

 “Often Thru the Bible is not only interesting, but downright exciting. My wife and I are parents of young children, and together we all listen every day. We are thankful for the teaching you share. I thought God’s Word was a history book, now I’ve found it’s a handy guidebook for all of life’s adventures. We are excited to follow the Lord and place our family in His hands.”

What a great report! Let’s pray more families in Austria realize the importance of God’s Word in their lives. May they share Lukas’ excitement in following the Lord and raising a new generation of believers bringing renewal to a dwindling church.  

Join us tomorrow as we’re encouraged by a fellow team member in England.